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I believe that when you’ve served the penalty for your criminal offense, you deserve a second chance. However, with a conviction on your record, you may be denied housing, not be able to get a job and suffer additional negative consequences. At the Law Office of Christopher J. Whelton, APC, I help Californians with the expungements process so that they can have a fresh start. As a hardworking attorney with 30 years of experience, I won’t back down in standing up for your rights if your case qualifies for an expungement. My law firm represents clients throughout the Murrieta, California area.

Resourceful law firm advocates for individuals seeking to expunge their criminal records

I practice exclusively in criminal defense, namely by assisting individuals who have served their time and are looking to get a job or buy property without a criminal record to hold them back. I advise clients about whether their cases are eligible for expungements, and if they are, I aid them in filing petitions, stand up for them in court and fight for their rights throughout the entire complex process of erasing their record. With three decades of experience as a defense attorney in California, I have an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system that I will put to work in order to achieve the best possible resolution to your matter.

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Located in Murrieta, the Law Office of Christopher J. Whelton, APC has extensive experience helping Californians with the expungement process. To schedule a free consultation, call my firm at 951-566-4211 or contact me online.

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